Every church goes through stages. From the challenges of birth through the vibrancy of youth, and ultimately into the accomplishment and arrival of maturity, the local church grows and changes as its congregation matures. In many cases, local churches arrive at an age and stage of decline, as their members and attenders are no longer effective in reaching a new generation for Jesus. For many church leaders, this can lead to a feeling of discouragement and even sadness, as the years of success can feel like a long-distant memory.

…but there is hope…

Young and vibrant new churches are being launched all over the country and world, and each one begins its own life cycle of hope and opportunity. For many of these new church plants, the cost of property and facilities is the greatest hurdle standing in the way of growth. By building a pathway of connection between established but declining churches with a great history and new church plants with tremendous potential, church mergers create the possibility for legacy and opportunity to combine and thrive. This is the connection we seek to create through church mergers through the EastLake Church Network.

Success Stories

Over its nearly 50 year history, Torrey Pines Christian Church had been a thriving community of faith. Like many similar churches, it began as a small church that grew as its leadership and members reached more and more people for Jesus. But as sometimes happens over the lifespan of a church, growth eventually plateaued and in time was replaced by a season of decline.

Although the church had a long and vibrant history that spanned nearly 80 years of sharing the Gospel with the residents of western Los Angeles, the church had reached a crossroads. Attendance was down to less than fifty, giving could barely cover operating expenses, let alone much needed facility maintenance and upkeep.

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