EastLake Church’s commitment to mergers and new churches is comprehensive and requires an approach that goes far beyond merely staging church services in new communities. In order for our efforts to have long term success, we understand that we must understand and commit to multiple dynamics. 

Church Merging

The dynamic of a church merger is unique and delicate. The questions, concerns, and fears of a church and its leadership must be addressed honestly, openly, and thoroughly.  Helping an existing church to understand and embrace the value of extending its legacy by helping to launch new churches is critical and, in many regards, life giving to the merging church.  EastLake Church has an established history as a church that understands this dynamic and assists leadership and church members as they transition into their new role, whatever that may be.  With mulitple years and multiple mergers in our history, we are prepared to navigate the complexities of merging in a way that is transparent, understanding, and – most importantly – Kingdom minded.

EastLake Church Network

The EastLake Church Network is a movement of churches unified along a single mission: To be people helping people find and follow Jesus. By working together, we create economy in our efforts, unity in our vision, and strength in our numbers. We seek to further the Good News of Jesus by launching new churches in new communities, working collaboratively to transform our communities. The EastLake Church community is currently comprised of churches in seven unique locations and one online campus. Our vision is to continually expand our network and partners to reach 50,000 people for Jesus

Leadership College

Churches aren’t about buildings; they are about people. Because of this, we understand the critical importance of developing leaders who have a passion for the Gospel, care deeply about people, and are well prepared in their skill set and education. In an effort to better prepare the next generation for effective and theologically sound church leadership, the EastLake Church Network has partnered with Southeastern University to offer the EastLake Leadership College, which provides a quality, accredited bachelor’s degree program in ministry studies while allowing students to develop practical ministry training through hands-on involvement at EastLake Church. This unique and affordable educational program offers the next generation a combination of theological and practical training that will position them well to reach the next generation for Jesus

San Diego Church Plant Movement

Being Kingdom minded means not working alone. The EastLake Church Network is a member of the San Diego Church Plant Movement, a collaborative partnership of San Diego area churches committed to establishing new, healthy church plants in our community. By working together, we are able to combine efforts, link arms, and help provide financial and strategic assistance to church planters seeking to establish new local churches.