Duarte Christian Church

In 2015, the leadership of Duarte Christian Church were confronted by the substantial costs of upkeep for their aging church facility as well as their… [Read more...]

All Saints Church

EastLake Church has not only funded new church plants in southern California, it has provided finances and support for church launches around the country and… [Read more...]

Center Church

Center Church San Diego launched in the Barrio Logan community of downtown San Diego in 2014. With launch funding and support from EastLake Church, Center… [Read more...]

Venture Church

Among the church plants that EastLake Church has helped to fund is Venture Church, a thriving young church in Encinitas, California. Under the leadership of… [Read more...]

Calvary Baptist Church

In 2005, the leadership of Calvary Baptist Church in Chula Vista elected to cease operations as an independent church and merge with EastLake Church. Because… [Read more...]

Torrey Pines Church

The history of Torrey Pines Church is one of both remarkable blessings and distinct challenges.  Over its nearly 50 year history, Torrey Pines Christian Church… [Read more...]

EastLake Church Playas

EastLake Church Playas is the first international location within the EastLake Church Network. Launched in 2014 in the Playas de Tijuana community, the church offers… [Read more...]

Imperial Beach Church

As EastLake Church’s first multisite location in 2010, EastLake Church Imperial Beach served as the very first expansion of the EastLake Church Network. Now offering… [Read more...]

Venice Church

In the years leading up to 2014, Venice Church was facing a difficult decision. Although the church had a long and vibrant history that spanned… [Read more...]